Where the Wildflowers Grow

Welcome to my blog! A happy place for you to wander for a while with a cup of tea in one hand and a cheeky piece of chocolate in the other, and a small grin on your face. Enjoy!
Hello there! Welcome to my blog! So excited to have you. Please make yourself comfy as you peruse through some  of my favourite recipes, adventures, travels and share my love of wildflowers. 
I love them! 
I love the way they can brighten up a room with the simple act of being.
The way they make the room smell of spring and simpler times.
The beach is one of my favourite places.
I love the crisp early mornings, the salty air, sun rising over the water. 
Or the warm afternoons spent with friends, picnicking on the sand.
This is me. 
16 years old. From Australia. I love chilling with friends, the excitement of adventure, the delights of spring time, a hot cup of tea, the smell of new books & the senitmentality of old, chocolate, skateboarding, the beach, laughing without stopping, cosy days, poetry, cooking & WILDFLOWERS!
I want this blog to be a happy place where you can check out some pictures of my adventures, try new recipes, feel inspired and share my love of wildflowers! :) Enjoy!
Peace and Safety. xo